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Stock market crashes and financial crises are as old as cash itself. From the tulip mania bubble of 1637 to the Wall Street crash of 1929 leading to the Big Depression, investors have actually gained and lost fortunes in a matter of days and hours. Now along with the rise of online trading, these fortunes are made or lost in a matter of seconds.

In the last 10 years, since the financial crisis of 2008, there have actually been at least 7 major stock market crashes about the world.  The markets have actually seen so much volatility in even the last 24 months, one would certainly almost requirement a stomach made of steel to dip their toe in again. Unless, of course, they are trading along with pioneering broker easyMarkets. Since 2003, easyMarkets has actually made online forex trading accessible to personal traders along with their low-entry requirements, and user-friendly online trading platform. Over the years they have actually added a lot more tradable assets including metals adore gold and silver, commodities adore oil and corn and the top global equity indices. As one of the longest operating retail brokers, they have actually seen multiple market meltdowns and have actually continued to innovate their platform along with tools created to protect traders in the most volatile market environments.

Let’s consider some of the biggest market events that saw several others brokers and their clients gone big, however where easyMarkets was able to protect their clients and go on business as usual.

Financial Crisis of 2008

1six September, 2008 is a date not several are most likely to forget. Some of the largest financial institutions in the US toppled over because of subprime actual estate exposure and credit default swaps. The situation quickly spread across the globe along with major bank failures in Europe and trillions of dollars shaved off equities and commodities about the world. A decade later, and the global economy is still shakily getting spine on track. US stock markets peaked the previous October along with the DJIA index surpassing 14,000 points. On 19 September it went in to a tailspin and lost 3,600 points. If you had been long on the Dow, it’s a lot more compared to most likely that your balance would certainly have actually been wiped out and gone in to negative territory. If you’d been trading along with easyMarkets however, the only loss you would certainly have actually went through would certainly have actually been the risk capital you’d defined for that one deal. That’s because they guarantee stop loss rates – the quantity you’ve picked that you are willing to gone on any one trade, and what’s even more, they offer it for free!

SNB Unpegs the CHF from the EUR, 2015

It’s 1five January, 201five and the Swiss National Bank (SNB) does the unthinkable and removes the EUR/CHF fee peg. just what ensues is a flash crash of the currency pair and a tidal wave that consumes the currency and stock markets about the world. In simply 60 seconds the EUR/CHF loses 20% dropping from 1.2 to 1.00. Desperate traders try to cause their stop loss however they are at the mercy of 25% slippage. Some brokers quotes leap 6,000 pips in simply two seconds leading several traders in to negative balances as their positions outstrip margin requirements. Some of the biggest global brokers gone multi-millions of dollars and are forced in to insolvency. Others suspend CHF trading for the period.

However, easyMarkets (at the time under the name of easy-forex), was able to confirm that risk management units that were already in place protected their clients from negative balances and were reported in the LeapRate coverage of the event. Essentially, any client along with an open placement on the EUR/CHF, at the time, only lost the quantity of that one placement as their margin call triggered, something that can easily only be covered by brokers that ensure negative balance protection. Not a single easyMarkets client had to suffer from slippage or see their account go in to negative. Since the crisis of the unpegging, several regulators have actually tightened conditions to protect traders, which again, has actually seen several industry users left out in the cold. As easyMarkets was already in the business of protecting their clients’ interest, it was once again, business as usual.

Here’s one more note – just what if you were on the winning adverse of that trade? several brokers that offered variable spreads, either disabled trading or widened spreads so far that it was difficult for traders to take advantage of the fee move. easyMarket traders but were able to enjoy fixed spreads, meaning that the spread shown at opening is the spread at the closing of the deal. If there’s an opportunity to succeed in the markets, then easyMarkets doesn’t hold you spine from doing so.

Brexit Referendum, 2016

Last year, could have actually been termed the ‘year of the crashes’. It’s almost difficult to pick simply one event that rocked the markets. From Brexit, to Fat-Fingered trading, to the US election, geopolitical events shocked stock, commodity and currency markets. Those trading the sterling were in for a pounding after the 23 June Brexit referendum  as quickly as the unexpected ‘Yes’ vote came in signaling the British public’s desire to exit from the Eurozone. By the morning of the 24th, the pound fell to 31-year lows versus the US dollar, losing 10% versus the greenback and 7% versus the euro. This was the biggest lose went through by any currency in a two-hour period in history. The FTSE 100 fell from 6338.10 to 5806.13 in simply 10 minutes after opening and continued to swing up and down over the next two days. The ripple effect rolled out across the globe affecting all markets along with the US DJIA losing 450 points (2.5%) in simply 30 minutes.

Fortunes were undoubtedly being made and lost that day in June. Here’s exactly how easyMarkets protected their traders, once again: they had simply released their most powerful and flexible risk management tool on their platform – dealCancellation®. This allowed traders to cancel losing deals up to an hour from opening and have actually their funds returned to their account. Not only, were traders able to take advantage of the guaranteed stop loss as a spine stop, however they were even able to cancel their deals (even those that had triggered their stop loss), and have actually their cash returned to them. as quickly as markets move in simply minutes, dealCancellation gives traders plenty of time (60 minutes) to act. This feature includes a small cost based on recent volatility which pales in comparison to just what the trader could have actually lost otherwise.

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dealCancellation© Option is an ORE patent pending under the patent “straightforward Cancellation Option” application number 62334455.


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