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The Brexit referendum result is in and the UK public has actually spoken – 48.1% voted to stay in the European Union and 51.9% voting to leave meaning a BREXIT will certainly take place. The GBP fell to 1.3250 – an 11.42% drop and the lowest since 1985.

Leading up to the Brexit referendum, easyMarkets announced to its traders that it would certainly not alter its trading conditions. Leverage would certainly remain at 1:200, No Slippage, Fixed Spreads and Free Guaranteed STOP LOSS.

Following the Brexit event easyMarkets can easily confirm that client orders were executed at the requested prices and that no clients endured from negative account balances. CEO, Nikos Antoniades says “Our goal is to keep traders safe especially when trading in such volatile conditions. The Brexit event was the perfect scenario for us to show that we honour our promises to our traders”

easyMarkets has actually positioned itself as one of the easiest and safest brokers to trade with. Promises are easily made when the markets are predictable yet easyMarkets has actually again honoured its commitment to traders under even the most side market conditions.

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