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26 Sep 2016

The making of dealCancellation

Clickbank Promo Tools easyMarkets recently launched a very first for the online trading industry along along with a brand-brand-new and innovative product that allows traders to cancel losing deals up to 60 minutes of opening. As a broker that […]

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24 Sep 2016

easyMarkets Donates To Centre For Children With Special Needs

As a part of its global social responsibility, the easyMarkets global groups are pleased to job along with a number of locally based charities. The latest charity donation of €2,550 from our Cyprus based office was given to the Centre for Children along with Special Needs in Limassol. Established in 1980 and nestled high in the Limassol hills, the Centre […]

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23 Sep 2016

ASX Index Trading Hours for Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II has actually two birthdays? The date of her birth is 21 April however her official birthday is on a Saturday in June every year. Read below to find out why. First thing to know is that it will affect the trading times of our Australia (ASX) index. Holiday Schedule – Queen’s Birthday (13th […]

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23 Sep 2016

easyMarkets Stands Firm For Brexit Traders

ContentsTrade Safe During The Brexit Along with easyMarkets200:1 Leverage Free Guaranteed Stop Loss Fixed Spreads No Slippage Negative Balance Protection No Commissions Or Sneaky Fees A Range Of Trading Instruments Trade Safe Along with Vanilla Options The countdown to Brexit has actually begun and one thing’s for sure… whether you believe the UK will “Leave” or “Remain”, the markets are […]

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22 Sep 2016

easyMarkets Weathers the Brexit Storm & Keeps Its Promise to Clients

The Brexit referendum result is in and the UK public has actually spoken – 48.1% voted to stay in the European Union and 51.9% voting to leave meaning a BREXIT will certainly take place. The GBP fell to 1.3250 – an 11.42% drop and the lowest since 1985. Leading up to the Brexit referendum, easyMarkets announced to its traders that […]

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22 Sep 2016

easyMarkets launches dealCancellation – an industry game changer

easyMarkets just launched a brand-new feature on its trading platform that several are considering an industry game changer. dealCancellation allows clients to ‘cancel’ losing deals within an hour after opening them and have actually their original investment refunded. Nikos Antoniades, CEO of easyMarkets says, “This is a bold brand-new feature that no one else is offering. Essentially it means that […]

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22 Sep 2016

Brexit Volatility Trading with easyMarkets

Market volatility has actually been high in the lead up and post the Brexit referendum. Traders along with a steel gut were able to take advantage of massive market swings, but only if they had a broker that was watching their backs. easyMarkets was one of the only brokers that didn’t modification their trading conditions leading up to and during […]

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22 Sep 2016

easyMarkets Reassures Turkish Lira Traders

Following last week’s shocking events in Turkey we would certainly like to update and reassure you of our ongoing commitment to your trading safety. What Happened in Turkey On Friday 15th July, a failed military coup in Turkey attracted the world’s attention. Culminating in a night […]

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21 Sep 2016

Will Brexit Lead to Recession? Most Experts Seem to Think So

The United Kingdom’s decision to exit the European Union rocked the financial markets, creating a haze of uncertainty about the economic outlook. That’s why economists, market analysts and even politicians stepped up to warn Britons versus voting to leave the EU in the months leading up to the vote. Now that Vote Leave has won, investors are asking how the […]

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21 Sep 2016

Trump vs. Clinton: What Are the Financial Implications?

The 2016 race for the White Residence will be remembered as one of the most unusual and unpredictable in recent memory. The rise of anti-establishment candidates suggests that the course of American politics may have actually shifted permanently, along with Republicans still at odds about whether to embrace a Donald Trump candidacy. On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders launched an […]

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